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privacy policy

When operating this site, we respect the privacy of our visitors, give due consideration to personal information, and strive to protect and properly manage personal information.

  • Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to "information about an individual that can identify a specific individual" and mainly refers to the information listed below.

  1. Name (only if both first and last name are specified)

  2. Names, etc. that can identify specific individuals

  3. Images that can identify specific individuals

  4. personal address

  5. Personal phone number

  6. Personal email address

  7. A collection of data that contains or is expected to contain the above personal information (Note 1)

*Data collection refers to documents, electronic record files, or databases.

  • Definition of important information

Important information refers to "information that should be protected from the perspective of administrative processing and security," and refers to the information listed below.

  1. Website access record

  2. Address, telephone number, and e-mail address for business use

  3. Information included in website feedback

  • Regarding the use of personal information, etc.

Information such as your name, address, and e-mail address may be recorded for some applications or when a response is required, but it will not be used for any other purpose. The acquired personal information will not be provided to any other party unless the consent of the individual is obtained or as required by law.
In addition, important information will be used as basic materials for website operation and for operational tasks. Within the scope of this purpose, important information may be shared between the city and its subcontractors. The important information obtained will not be disclosed to the public. However, within the above scope of use and in the event that damage has occurred or is expected to occur in the operation of the website, important information held by the city may be submitted to investigative authorities.

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