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intersection of business,
A new step in Kuwana City.

For those looking for corporate land​

Kuwana City is a key logistics hub connecting land, sea, and air.
In addition, we are preparing corporate land that can implement BCP in preparation for disasters and emergencies.
We will prepare a system to support new business development.
We look forward to.

Kuwana City support system

Subsidies will be given to those who acquire housing in the city.

when you get a house

① Parents of high school students ② Parents who cannot receive child allowance due to income restrictions

Supporting child rearing

For parents of children under 1 year old,

We offer plans that allow you to enjoy your time

Healing for families raising children

What are the good things about Kuwana City ?

cost advantage

Compared to the Tokyo metropolitan area and other metropolitan areas, Kuwana City has lower land prices and property rental fees, which reduces initial investment and maintenance costs when building factories.


Cost reduction

Sales benefits

Kuwana City is close to the Nagoya metropolitan area, so it has access to a wide range of markets. Therefore, it will be a great strength in expanding your business scope.


Transportation convenience

Kuwana City has five interchanges and is a key transportation hub where major expressways intersect, such as the Higashi-Meihan Expressway and the Isewangan Expressway. In addition, four lines, including the JR Line and the Kintetsu Line, intersect, allowing for smooth movement, making it possible to meet a wide range of needs.

Station Shinkansen

Low risk of disaster damage

The southern Tado area, where the industrial park being developed by Kuwana City is located, has a low risk of tsunami and flood damage, so you can conduct business with peace of mind from a business continuity plan (BCP) perspective.

People walking without shoes during floods

employment benefits

Kuwana City is close to the Nagoya metropolitan area, so you can expect stable recruitment. In addition, there are many educational institutions such as universities and high schools, so you can expect human resources with specialized skills and knowledge.

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